Audio-visual and IT services


Visual tools to enhance an art website website includes a showcase of sculptures and paintings. Such art content requires tailored visual tools for proper exposition on screen, for example 360 degrees view images for sculptures, juxtaposition techniques for demonstration of progress in the creation process or a timeline gallery to present the paintings with additional written information.

The website was previously running on the Wordpress engine, however staying with Wordpress seemed to be limiting in this case. As a result the website has been redesigned with use of html, css and javascript plug-ins and code, which allowed swift implementation of all the enhancements.

Countdown timer

Countdown timer

A countdown timer is a useful tool for timing a conference session or rehearsing an improvised piece. Dedicated hardware countdown timers have many advantages, however launching one from a browser can make life easier. This countdown timer opens in a separate page, can go full screen and has elements of responsive design. The project is coded with html, css and javascript.

360 degrees spin image

Sculptures tend to be three dimensional and it is a good idea to reflect this characteristic even on two dimensional screens. Italo Esposito's sculpture below is presented with use of 360 spin image javascript plugin and a bit of coding (html, css, javascript).

031 terracotta smaltata (2018) by Italo Esposito